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LCI New Member: Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan 台灣社會動物研究會



EAST is one of Taiwan’s leading animal protection organizations.

We are committed to working collaboratively with diverse stakeholders to improve the welfare of animals in Taiwan, with a focus on solving problems at the source.

We have successfully advocated for ground-breaking changes that improve the welfare of hundreds of millions of animals per year, including the introduction of the Animal Protection Act and regulations governing humane farming, transport and slaughter.

Animal welfare is emerging as a critical CSR issue. Globally, more than 2,000 companies have set explicit policies to address animal welfare in their value chains.

Corporate performance on animal welfare is being monitored through initiatives such as the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment and the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare. Analysis by FAIRR, which represents $40 billion AUM, reveals serious investment risks for Asian companies that fail to address animal welfare concerns.

We provide comprehensive support to companies in Taiwan – in particular food manufacturers, retailers and hospitality companies – to develop and implement meaningful animal welfare policies for farmed animals or animals used in research. As a non-profit, our support is provided free of charge.

If you would like to learn more or collaborate, please get in touch at or (02) 2236 9735.

EAST Certified is an animal welfare certification scheme that seeks empower Taiwanese consumers to make more compassionate food choices and give companies confidence that their suppliers are meeting animal welfare standards.

EAST Certified is the only animal welfare certification in Taiwan that requires farmers to exceed government animal welfare guidelines, with strict standards and regular audits.

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