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LCI New Member: DS Energy 鼎日能源

The LCI is proud to express our warmest welcome to its new member -DS Energy.

DS Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017 who specializes in PV O&M, energy conservation, power monitoring management, improvement engineering, and asset management. DS Energy develops its PV monitoring system, which is capable of real-time performance tracking and active analyzing. With the DS Energy PV system, it could precisely master the operating condition of each PV station and maintain the efficiency to improve the power generation and meet every customer requirement. DS Energy also provides a tailor-made service by building up the resume for each PV station that investors get all the details of system design, construction, and operation.

Representative PV stations that DS Energy provides O&M service include Legislative Yuan, Warehouse No.4 of Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd., etc.

DS Energy's goal is to provide energy consumption analysis and improvement services to prevent unnecessary energy consumption and achieve substantial energy conservation with the vision to be outstanding and intelligent PV station managers and maximize the benefit of renewable energy.

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