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LCI New Member: BlueFloat Energy 貝富新能源股份有限公司

We Have Deep Experience In Floating Offshore Wind

Members of the BlueFloat Energy team have been important contributors to a number of both fixed-bottom and floating offshore wind projects, totalling over 3,000 MW across Europe as well as Asia. Such individuals have been closely involved at various stages of development, consenting, financing, construction, commissioning and operation of those projects. With a corporate vision of accelerating the global deployment of offshore wind as a key enabler for the energy transition and economic growth, BlueFloat Energy is currently developing offshore wind energy projects under a global mandate.

BlueFloat Energy is backed by 547 Energy, the renewable energy investment platform of Quantum Energy Partners, a US-based sustainable energy focused private equity firm with over $18 billion of assets under management.

Floating offshore wind is the next frontier of the energy transition

  • >80% of the offshore wind resource is in waters deeper than 40 m, creating high demand for proven, cost-competitive floating offshore wind solutions, which can unlock these deep-water sites.
  • Floating offshore wind allows the turbines to be placed further offshore, addressing concerns of local stakeholders who may see close-to-shore developments as interfering with their activities.
  • The visual impact of the turbines can be reduced if they are built further away from the coast, which is particularly important for tourist destinations.
  • The environmental impacts are minimized since floating technology uses less invasive mooring systems and allows for greater flexibility in terms of location.
  • Finally, floating wind offers the advantages of more streamlined operations and maintenance (return to port for large correctives) and decommissioning, ultimately reducing costs.

Our projects around the World

We have an established presence in 5 markets where project development activities are ongoing, for example:

    •  In Scotland, we are teaming up with Ørsted, the world leader in offshore wind, and onshore wind community engagement pioneer Falck Renewables to participate in the ScotWind leasing round focusing exclusively on floating projects. Scotwind is a crucial step in the Scottish Government's plan to deliver up to 11 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030.
    •  In Spain, we have partnered with SENER, a well-established Spanish engineering and technology group, to develop Parc Tramuntana: a floating offshore wind project off the coast of Catalunya with a total planned capacity of 1GW. This wind farm could meet 90% of the power demand of the Catalan province of Girona, and contribute to Catalonia’s target to derive half of its electricity from renewables by 2030.

BlueFloat in Taiwan

In 2021, we established our branch office in Taipei, an important first milestone demonstrating our long-term commitment to Taiwanese market and our willingness to actively contribute to Taiwan's energy transition process with our technical and development expertise as well as financial resources. Floating offshore wind technology is expected to play a significant role in Taiwan and will be a welcome complement to bottom-fixed projects, which have limited deployment potential in terms of availability of suitable sites.

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