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LCI 2021 Annual Meeting & Premium Lunch of Taiwan Net Zero by 2050 Policy and Carbon Fee Mechanism LCI 會員大會暨臺灣2050淨零政策及碳收費機制午餐會

ECCT Low Carbon Initiative (LCI) Event

LCI 2021 Annual Meeting & Premium Lunch of Taiwan Net Zero

by 2050 Policy and Carbon Fee Mechanism
LCI 會員大會暨臺灣2050淨零政策及碳收費機制午餐會


12:10 - 14:00, Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Venue: Grand Ballroom II, 3F Grand Hyatt Taipei / 台北君悅酒店三樓 凱悅廳二區
Address: 3F., No.2, SongShou Road, Xinyi Dist., Taipei, Taiwan 台北市信義區松壽路2號三樓

Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan (LY) in 2020 established the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Advisory Council that aims to function as a platform for social cooperation and collaboration between the private and public sectors, social groups and citizens and to act as a bridge between central and local governments on sustainable issues. In February 2021 the LY’s held a joint press conference attended by more than 20 legislators across party lines calling for an amendment of the “Climate Change Action Act” to facilitate net zero carbon emissions for Taiwan by 2050. 

On Earth Day (22 April) this year Taiwan announced the intention to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, both via an ongoing energy transformation, and by developing systematic strategies to reduce emissions in sectors such as manufacturing, transportation, residential construction, and agriculture. However, unlike the European Union, Taiwan has yet to announce a roadmap of targets and actions that will be needed for Taiwan to reach net zero by 2050.

To give substance to Taiwan's carbon reduction path, on 13 October Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) declared that the agency has designed a carbon pricing mechanism to charge big emitters for carbon pollution, set out under the the Climate Change Response Act.

As the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has authority over economic development, including renewable energy that will play a crucial role in facilitating Taiwan’s road to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the MOEA is currently planning to develop renewable energy and hydrogen policy. 

Taiwan's legislation has been drafted not only with a view to achieve net zero but also in response to the EU's new Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), which is set to be implemented on 1 January 2023. Authorities in Taiwan have said that Taiwan's mechanism will be designed to be in compliance with and recognized by the EU and other major countries such as the US and Japan in order to maintain Taiwan's competitiveness and bargaining power in future trade negotiations.

The ECCT has invited three distinguish guest speakers to talk about Taiwan's path to net zero: Tsai Chi-Chang, Vice President of Legislative Yuan, and Chairman of the LY’s SDGs Advisory Council 立法院副院長暨永續發展目標策進會會長 蔡其昌, Tseng Wen-sheng 經濟部次長 曾文生, and Dr. Tsai Ling-yi, Director of Department of Environmental Sanitation and Toxic Substance Management, EPA 環保署環管處處長 蔡玲儀 . The speakers will update on Taiwan’s Net Zero roadmap, the carbon fee mechanism under the pending Climate Change Response Act as well as new energy policy initiatives, including those related to green hydrogen.  


Guest speaker
: Mr. Tsai Chi-Chang, Vice President, Legislative Yuan & Chairman of the LY’s UN Sustainable Development Goals Advisory Council 立法院副院長暨永續發展目標策進會會長 蔡其昌

Tsai Chi-chang has been the Vice President (or Deputy Speaker) of Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan (LY) since 1 February 2016. He is also the Chairman of the LY’s SDGs Advisory Council and the Commissioner of the Chinese Professional Baseball League. He was elected to the Legislative Yuan in Taichung's first constituency in 2012 and re-elected in 2016 and 2020. For the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) he has served as Secretary General of Legislative Yuan Caucus, Spokesperson and Commissioner of the Central Standing Committee.  In his role as chairman of the LY’s SDGs Advisory Council, Tsai has been instrumental in driving further meaningful action to meet SDGs and promote low carbon sustainable development in Taiwan.

Guest speaker: Mr. Tseng Wen-Sheng, Deputy Minister, MOEA 經濟部政務次長 曾文生

Tseng Wen-Sheng has been the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs since 2018. He previously held several positions in the Kaohsiung City Government including Specialist in Urban Development Bureau, Advisor and most recently Director General of the Economic Development Bureau.

環境衛生及毒物管理處處長 蔡玲儀
Guest speaker
: Dr. Tsai Ling-yi, Director of Department of Environmental Sanitation and Toxic Substance Management, EPA 行政院環保署環管處處長 蔡玲儀

Dr Tsai Ling-yi is the Director of the Department of Environmental Sanitation and Toxic Substance Management in the Environmental Protection Administration. She has held several positions in the EPA prior to her current role, including Deputy Director of the current department, Deputy Director of Comprehensive Planning Division and Deputy Director of the Environmental Inspection Institute.


10:20-10:45 | Reception
10:45-12:00 | LCI Annual Meeting
12:00-12:30 | Cocktail Reception
12:30-12:33 | Opening and briefly introducing guest of honor
12:33-13:00 | Lunch is served
12:55-13:00 | Introduction of the Guest Speakers
13:00-13:12 | Keynote speech 1: How can Taiwan accelerate SDGs and Net Zero by 2050?
13:12-13:30 | Keynote speech 2: Taiwan Net Zero Ambitions achieved by renewable energy and hydrogen policy
13:30-13:40 | Keynote speech 3: Introduction to Taiwan Carbon
 Fee Mechanism within Climate Change Act

13:40-13:55 | Q&A 
13:55-14:00 | Gift Exchanges and Group Photo
14:00-          | End of the lunch


This event will first open registration to the ECCT LCI members. To register, please contact Ms. Zene Fan at 02-2740-0236*229; email:

Cost: NT$1,800 per member; NT$2,400 for member’s guest

To Cancel without penalty, written cancellations must be received 1 days prior to the event.

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*The registration will be verified and approved by the event organizer. 主辦單位將保有最後審核及確定報名之權利。
*We reserve the right to amend the agenda and speakers. 主辦單位將有權更改活動議程。