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[Event Report] U20 International Youth Forum- Plastic and Waste Reduction Workshop U20國際青年論壇-減塑減廢工作坊 活動報導

The U20 International Youth Forum will debut in late October, inviting young talents aged 12-30, passionate about three topics: Climate Change, Sustainability and Green Energy, Plastic and Waste Reduction to share their action plans on sustainability. The young talents will be selected from three training workshops.

On 28 August, the first training workshop theming "plastic and waste reduction" of the U20 International Youth Forum was held at IKEA's newly opened sustainability flagship store in Taoyuan.  Seven groups of youth participants joined the workshop to present their solutions to the Plastic and Waste Reduction. The workshop was opened by Johnny Wu, CEO of MOST GASE, with two keynote speeches by Linda Wang, Manager of Sustainability at IKEA North Asia, and Shalom Chen, Director of Sustainability & Public Affairs at L’Oréal Taiwan.

Linda shared IKEA's global SDGs goals and IKEA Taiwan's strategy of moving towards sustainability. For example, IKEA Taoyuan is equipped with 802 solar panels on the rooftop, generating electricity equivalent to the annual consumption of nearly 70 households. The LOW-E glasses installed in IKEA Taoyuan will increase energy efficiency by significantly reducing the energy consumption of indoor air conditioning. The IKEA Taoyuan also showcases areas of circular economy, renewable energy, and biomaterials, leading consumers to embrace sustainability in daily life.

IKEA North Asia Sustainability Manager - Linda Wang

Shalom described L’Oréal’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Management, from selecting sustainable raw material to the use phase. L’Oréal’s practice in sustainability has become one of the best demonstrations in not only economic impact but also environmental and social impacts on the business. The Co-Founder of RE-THINK Jason Huang, and the Founder & Creative Director of JUST IN XX Justin Chou, were also invited as instructors.  

L'oreal Taiwan Sustainability & Public Affairs Director - Shalom Chen

In addition to the first training workshop, two more training workshops targeting at "climate change” and “sustainability and green energy" will be held in early September at the Carrefour and Taiwan Power Co., both members of the ECCT LCI.  

The U20 International Youth Forum is organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (GASE) and CSR @ CommonWealth Magazine, supported by the ECCT Low Carbon Initiative (ECCT-LCI).