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[Event Report] ECCT LCI Visit to EPA 拜會環保署活動報導

On 5 July, the ECCT Low Carbon Initiative (LCI) organised a visit led by Hugo Asplund, Lead of the LCI's Sustainable Supply Chain Working Group, to meet with the DG Lai Yinyin, Director General of the Waste Management Dept. at the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) to discuss several important topics.
The primary focus was on the future policies of the EPA following its transition to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MENR) officially on 22 August 2023. One significant aspect of the discussion involved the LCI's SSC working group suggestions to the EPA to incentivize companies that adopt the Product Carbon Footprint label. This label promotes transparency and accountability by highlighting the environmental impact of products. Additionally, the EPA and ECCT shall explore collaboration opportunities in the development of green product design, and a robust sound system and public education campaign for plastic reduction and waste recycling. This joint effort aims to raise public awareness and encourage effective recycling practices to mitigate plastic waste and environmental pollution, and eventually foster a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society through these endeavors.