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ECCT LCI Interviewed with Broadcasting Corp. of China

Ford Lio Ho Chief Engineer J.J Lu (left), Program Host Chih-Chen Kuo (second Left)
ECCT LCI Director Raoul Kubitschek (second right), Project Manager Sammy Su
On 11 March, the ECCT LCI with its member Ford Lio Ho jointly received an interview from Mr. 郭至楨 (Chih-Chen Kuo), DJ of Mr. Big, Broadcasting Corp. of China (中國廣播公司), introducing the LCI's establishment and achievement since 2012 as well as its cooporation with the Green Trade Project Office of MoEA at the upcoming 2014 Eco-Products International Fair.
In addition to 18 LCI Speakers presenting variety of solutions to smart cities, green buildings, transportation, and certification at eight events of EPIF 2014, the highlight of the interview includes the most advanced EV technologies showcased by five LCI speakers from ABB, BASF, BOSCH, Ford, and Volvo Car at New Energy Vehicles Panel on 15 March.  The technologies are:

SARTRE(Safe Road Trains for the Environment)無人駕駛科技未來趨勢

Mr. Gilbert Wu, Field & Training Manager, Volvo Car Taiwan 國際富豪汽車地區業務暨訓練經理 吳廷颺

The interview proceeded in Mandarin, and will broadcast on 16 March 2014.