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Breakthrough on CO2 emission standards for new vehicles

The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has announced that it has abolished article 9 of the "Pollution Emissions Standard for Vehicles", which stipulates the standards and measurement measures for vehicle CO2 emissions. This follows a decision made at a public hearing held by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) on 7 October 2016.

The decision has been welcomed by members of the ECCT's Automotive committee as it follows their proposal for the Bureau of Energy (BoE) and the EPA to adopt a single set of regulations and standards to manage either CO2 emissions or fuel efficiency of vehicles. Prior to this decision Taiwan was one of the very few countries in the world that required vehicles to comply with both CO2 and fuel efficiency standards. The efforts required to comply with both standards and to report to two different agencies (the BoE, and EPA) had been a significant regulatory burden for the automotive industry. The decision to focus on fuel efficiency standards rather than vehicle CO2 emissions resolves an important issue for car makers as it removes legal ambiguity for regulators and makes the rules clear for industry players.