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Automotive committee breakthrough on ABS

The Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MoTC) has announced amendments to vehicle safety regulations that will make anti-lock braking systems (ABS) for motorcycles compulsory, starting in 2019. The amendment represents a breakthrough for the ECCT's Automotive committee as it follows the recommendation made in its position paper based on strong evidence that fitting ABS can improve safety considerably. According to the amendment, starting in 2019, it will be mandatory to: 1) fit an ABS to all new models of motorcycles that have an engine displacement greater than 125cc., 2) fit either an ABS or a combined braking system (CBS) to all new models of motorcycles that have an engine displacement equal to or smaller than 125cc. The terms of the amendment are exactly in line with European regulations.

Members of the ECCT's Automotive committee have welcomed the government's action as an important step that will help to improve traffic safety and reduce traffic accidents and fatalities. The MoTC's decision was made after reviewing evidence on the effectiveness of ABS from Europe that ABS can reduce motorcycle accidents. Statistics from Spain and Sweden showed that fitting ABS can reduce injuries by between 29% and 42%. The amendment is especially significant for Taiwan given the high number of motorcycles on the roads and that motorcycle accidents account for more than 60% of vehicle accident fatalities.