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2020 Low Carbon City Conference & MoU Signing Ceremonies witnessed by Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che 2020 低碳城市會議及 MoU 簽署儀式 (台南市長黃偉哲見證)

ECCT Low Carbon Initiative Event
Hosted Together with NCKU & the Tainan City Government

Low Carbon City Conference &
 MoU Signing Ceremonies with NCKU and Shalun Innovation Alliance

台南市政府-歐洲商會-成功大學-沙崙聯盟 低碳城市會議
歐洲商會-成功大學 合作備忘錄簽約儀式

Date: 09:30 – 12:20, Thursday, 10 September 2020
Venue:Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City- D zone, Building E, Room 102  / 沙崙綠能科學城 E棟展示空間-1樓國際會議廳

Address:No. 360, Gaofa 2nd Rd., Guiren Dist., Tainan City / 台南市歸仁區武東里高發二路360號 (建議由大武路一段進入)
Transportation: free round-trip shuttle bus service is offered from Tainan HSR station to the conference hall (09:30), and conference hall to Tainan HSR station (12:45)
*As seats are limited, each ECCT member company can register one representative only.
*This event will be conducted mainly in Chinese. Translation service is not provided. 

For the 8th consecutive year, the ECCT's Low Carbon Initiative (LCI) will be cooperating with the Tainan City Government and National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) to arrange the Low Carbon City Conference in Tainan. Ahead of the conference, the ECCT will be renewing its MoU with NCKU as well as signing a new MoU with the Shalun Innovation Alliance (SIA) for academia and industrial collaboration. The MoU signing ceremony will be witnessed by the Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che 台南市長黃偉哲.

After the signing ceremonies, the 2-hour conference will proceed. Featuring distinguished leader speakers from the Tainan City Government, ECCT, NCKU, and SIA, this year’s conference will focus on four main topics: green energy, smart transportation in cities, the circular economy, and smart health. Tainan City Government has three Director Generals from Economic Development Bureau, Transportation Bureau, and Environment Bureau to share Tainan municipal policies on renewable energy development, light rail and low carbon transportation, and circular economy.  ECCT speakers include Mr Jan Hollman, Managing Director, BOSCH Taiwan, Mr Eric Yu, General Manager & Global VP, Signify Taiwan, and Ms Eliza Li, General Manager, PwC Sustainability Co.     

The ECCT first signed an MoU with NCKU in 2013. The renewed MoU will extend existing collaboration to develop a mutually beneficial partnership for business communication, joint research, expertise exchanges, student internships and employment for graduates, among other activities. Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su, President of NCKU as well as the Convener of SIA, will give a ten-minute keynote of introducing the Shalun Innovation Alliance that aims to form joint forces among universities, industries, and government to initiate practical action plans to foster eco-innovation, improve the smart AI solutions for sustainable infrastructure projects in Shalun and support the regional development.  Find the SIA intro as follows:

● Shalun Innovation Alliance:
● Shalun Innovation Alliance Members:

The event will end 12:30. The participants are encouraged to join the networking coffee in the morning to discover opportunities for collaboration.   

Agenda 議程:
09:40-10:00 | Reception
10:00-10:15 | Networking Coffee
10:15-10:35 | Opening Remarks

  • Introducing NCKU and Shalun Innovation Alliance- Dr Su Huey-Jen, NCKU President & Shalun Innovation Alliance Convener 成功大學校長暨沙崙聯盟總召 蘇慧貞博士
  • ECCT Chairman Giuseppe Izzo 歐洲商會理事長 尹容
  • Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-Che 台南市市長 黃偉哲

10:15-10:45 | Signing of MoU

  • ECCT-Shalun Innovation Alliance

10:45-11:15 | Green Energy Development in Tainan 台南綠能產業發展

  • Topic: Tainan’s strategy of boosting renewable technology innovation and development
    - Dr. Chen Kai-ling, Director-General, Economic Development Bureau 臺南市政府經濟發展局  陳凱凌局長
  • Topic: Connecting Taiwan Companies to Global Market with Low Carbon Transformation
    - Eliza Li, General Manager, PwC Sustainability 資誠永續公司 李宜樺總經理
  • Topic: Potential Collaboration on Future Green Energy
    Dr. Su Fong-Chin, Executive Vice President, NCKU (TBC) 國立成功大學 蘇芳慶副校長
  • Topic: The Current Development Status and the Prospects of Taiwan’s Solar Industry
    - Shalun Innovation Alliance: 
    Mr Chen Fong-Long, Chairman and President, Chailease Finance Co., Ltd. 中租迪和公司 陳鳳龍董事長

11:15-11:45 | Smart Transportation in Cities of Tomorrow 未來城市智慧交通趨勢

  • Topic: Tainan’s low carbon transportation: light rail and electrification
    - Dr. Wang Ming-Te, Director-General, Bureau of Transportation  臺南市政府交通局 王銘德局長
  • Topic: Driving the way towards sustainability
    - Jan Hollman, Managing Director, BOSCH Taiwan 台灣羅伯特博世股份有限公司   顏恆文執行董事
  • Topic: Smart Mobility at Shalun and Beyond
    Dr. Wu Cheng-Wen, Executive Vice President, NCKU 國立成功大學 吳誠文副校長
  • Topic: Visions and Challenges for Mobility-as-a-Service
    - Shalun Innovation Alliance: Kai Chiu, Vice President, Hotai Cyber 和泰聯網股份有限公司 邱威凱副總經理

11:45-12:15 | Circular Economy for Sustainability 永續的循環經濟

  • Topic: Transforming waste into energy and productive resource
    - Dr. Hsieh Shih-chieh, Environmental Protection Bureau 臺南市政府環保局 謝世傑局長
  • Topic: Innovative circular projects from world’s leading cities
    - Eric Yu, General Manager & Global VP, Signify Taiwan Limited 台灣昕諾飛公司  余泳濤總經理
  • Topic: Circular Practices for Talent Cultivation and Sustainable Future
    - Dr. Wang Hsiao-Wen, President, Office of International Affairs, NCKU 國立成功大學 王筱雯國際長
  • Topic: Circular village in Shalun
    Shalun Innovation Alliance: Chang Ching-Hwa, Principals, Bio-Architecture Formosana 九典聯合建築師事務所 張清華主持建築師

12:15-12:30 | Smart Health for Future 未來的智慧醫療

  • Topic: Smart Medicine
    - Dr. Shen Meng-Ru, President, National Cheng Kung University Hospital  國立成功大學醫學院附設醫院 沈孟儒院長
  • Topic: Healthcare Trend in the post-COVID-19 era
    - Shalun Innovation Alliance: Joshua Tzeng, President, BenQ Guru Corporation 明基逐鹿股份有限公司 曾文興總經理

12:30           | Meeting Adjourned 會議結束

*As seats are limited, each ECCT member company can register one representative only. Registration will close as soon as it reaches the maximum number of registrations for the conference. 本活動座位有限,僅開放一間會員公司一名代表參加。活動報名人數到達即關閉報名系統。

*This event will be conducted mainly in Chinese. Translation service is not provided. 本活動主要以中文進行,未提供翻譯服務。

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