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2017 ECCT Christmas Lunch

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas came early again this year for the ECCT when around 120 ECCT members, colleagues, friends and families gathered for a lively celebration.

Guests arriving early were able to stave off winter chills with a warm cup of mulled wine (known as "Glühwein" to Germans & Austrians and "Glögg" in Scandinavian countries) served with raisins and nuts and accompanied by ginger biscuits. This was just the first in a smorgasbord of traditional European festive dishes that guests were treated to. Later, to get members in the Christmas spirit, the Taipei European School's junior choir and musicians took to the stage to perform some lively Christmas songs. The musicians and choir were introduced by TES CEO David Gatley.

Just as the choir and band were about to leave the stage, Saint Nicholas (also known in some parts as Santa Claus or Father Christmas) happened to show up and proceeded to give presents to the children. There was something odd about Saint Nic since he spoke with German accent. Also, his manner of speaking was eerily similar to a certain businessman working for large German conglomerate in Taipei.

Saint Nic' went on to single out certain ECCT members who had been especially good this year. Francine Wu was rewarded for being the only woman on the ECCT board of directors for many years (although she will no longer be the only one in 2018, since she was just one of five women were elected to the ECCT's 2018 board of directors). Saint Nic' also singled out Tim Berge for working a "second job" as host and MC for many ECCT conferences forums and Premium Event lunches.

After this Saint Nic' gave a quiz to some lucky guests to test their knowledge of the ECCT's activities. Fortunately they proved to be very smart and passed the test with flying colours. Not wanting to leave anyone out, Saint Nic' then asked elves to give everyone else a gift.

After Saint Nic had departed by sleigh and reindeer, guests lingered a while longer to imbibe some more Christmas spirit of the liquid kind.