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The purpose of this committee is to promote advocacies from a customer-centric provision to bring in global trends, practices, and proposals in support of the government's commitment for improving healthcare quality, treating and administering care around the clock, and responding to the needs of millions of people from newborns to the terminally ill.

In face of challenges toward public health nowadays, several missions and goals we are chasing for with government as follows:

  1. Long term sustainability of healthcare system
  2. Patient-centered healthcare to highlight on quality and safety
  3. Broader perceptive of treatment and prevention

Committee offers clear principles and sound supporting voice from industry to government, maintaining good ties between both sides for better healthcare environment.

Committee Co-chairs

Ms. BoonHuey EE

General Manager

Merck Ltd.

Ms. Irene Feng

General Manager

Nephrocare Ltd.

Mr. Mick Stanley

General Manager

GlaxoSmithKline Far East B.V. Taiwan Branch

Committee Dedicated Staff

Page Tsai

Cosmetics, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare Enhancement Committee Officer

Tel: 886-2-2740-0236 ext 228