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Amway Taiwan Company Ltd.
Headquarter Address:11F, 168 Tun-Hwa N. Rd., Taipei 10548
Business Type:Consumer Goods,Cosmetics,Retail & Distribution
Company Nationality:United States of America
Company Profile:
Profile & Facilities
Founded in 1959, Amway Corporation is headquartered in Ada, Michigan, USA and is the world’s largest direct selling company. Expanding to Taiwan in November 1982, Amway Taiwan now has nearly 550 employees servicing nearly 350,000 Amway distributors and members island-wide. Amway Taiwan is headquartered in Taipei, with an Experience Plaza in Taoyuan, five Experience Centers in Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung, and six Service Centers in Banqiao, Chiayi, Kinmen, Hualien, Zhonghe, and Zhongli. Being the leading direct selling company in Taiwan, Amway Taiwan generated a record high annual sales volume of NT$ 11.85 billion in 2016. Amway Taiwan was ranked No. 133 in the service sector in “2017 Top 2000” survey conducted by CommonWealth Magazine.  

In recent years, Amway Taiwan has been frequently recognized with various awards for its operational performance and products, including “100 Most Influential Brands in Taiwan” (Business Weekly), Future Commerce Innovation Award (Business Next), Ideal Brand for Consumers (Management Magazine), Power Brands (Manager Today Magazine), Health Brand (CommonHealth Magazine), Best Brands for Businessmen (Business Today Weekly), Excellent Taiwan Exports and Importers (Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA), Taiwan Tourism Award (Tourism Bureau, MOTC), and Outstanding Foreign Firms Award (Taiwan General Chamber of Commerce). In addition, Amway eSpring Water Treatment System and Amway Nutrilite brand have been recognized with various honors, including Ideal Brand for Consumers (Management Magazine), Health Brand (CommonHealth Magazine), Trusted Brand (Reader’s Digest Magazine), and Best Brands for Businessmen (Business Today Weekly).  

Corporate Responsibislitie
To give back to society, Amway’s staff and distributors have devoted themselves to numerous charitable and public welfare activities. In Amway Taiwan, we initiated the charity program entitled “Give Them a Chance to Become Self-reliant” in 1999. And then in 2002, Amway Taiwan established “Amway Hope Maker” charity brand to annually raise funds for selected charitable organizations and provide job opportunities for disadvantaged people through selling charity products with Amway distributors’ participation. Furthermore, through charity advertising films and promotional activities, Amway Hope Maker educated the public on the correct concept of accepting disadvantaged people. In 2012, Amway Hope Maker rose to new heights, turning the annual charity products sale into a year-round program of products for sale on a regular basis. To strengthen its reach, Amway Hope Maker also works with selected disadvantaged groups to provide them with long-term employment.

As of the end of 2016, these disadvantaged groups have sewed or packed over 407,000 charity products and earned over NT$ 15 million in wages from Amway Taiwan. At the same time, Amway Taiwan has donated over NT$ 82 million to selected domestic NPOs, including charity funds and schools. This charity program rewarded the “2011 Award of Contribution to Social Education in Taipei City for Groups and Individuals” by The Taipei City Government and “2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards” by Global Views Monthly.

To foster greater resources and influence, Amway Taiwan established “Amway Hope Maker Charity Foundation” in December 2012. Since its establishment, the Foundation has initiated “See the Future; Move toward the Dream” project to provide after-school tutoring and dream fulfillment opportunities for disadvantaged children, particularly the most underprivileged children in society, through the united strength of Amway Taiwan and distributor volunteers. As of the end of 2016, Amway Hope Maker Charity Foundation had donated over NT$ 96 million to various charitable organizations and provided over 11,200 volunteer service hours to organize charitable activities, cumulatively benefiting over 10,200 children. The Taipei City Government awarded Amway Hope Maker Charity Foundation with an honorable grade of A in 2015.

Since 1998, Amway Taiwan has annually sponsored the Amway eSpring International Women 9-Ball Championship, which has become an annual grand sports event in Taiwan. Amway Taiwan has also taken the lead to establish the Elite Seeds Scholarship Program and the Women Billiards Players’ Training Program to promote development of billiards sports in Taiwan. These two programs have become an important cradle for training outstanding billiards players in Taiwan, making Amway Taiwan a model for corporate sports sponsorship. As of 2016, Amway Taiwan has devoted over NT$ 120 million to sponsor Taiwan’s billiards sports. In addition, Amway Taiwan has sponsored other sports events annually, such as Nutrilite Bike Day since 2009, and ARTISTRY Star on ICE in 2011-2016. The Sports Administration, MOE, recognized annually Amway Taiwan for its long-term commitment and remarkable contribution to promoting sports with the 'Sports Mentor Award” of Gold Award in Sponsorship category since 2009.