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LCI 2020 Annual Meeting & Lunch with MOST Minister Wu Tsung-tsong LCI 會員大會暨科技部長吳政忠午餐會

 LCI 2020 Annual Meeting &

Lunch with MOST Minister Wu Tsung-tsong

LCI 會員大會 暨 科技部長吳政忠午餐會

DateMonday, 30 November 2020
         10:30 -12:00 LCI Annual Meeting (reception 10:30-11:00)
         12:00 -14:00 Lunch with Dr Wu Tsung-tsong, Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)  
Venue: Residence 1, 1F Grand Hyatt Taipei 台北君悅飯店一樓 君寓一
Address: 1F., No.2, SongShou Road, Xinyi Dist., Taipei, Taiwan 台北市信義區松壽路2號一樓

The LCI 2020 Annual Meeting will be officially starting at 11:00 AM on Monday, 30 November at Grand Hyatt Taipei . This meeting will summarize the LCI events in 2020, and present the LCI’s 2021 roadmap. The LCI Annual Meeting will also hold the LCI 2021 steering committee election. Members interested in partaking the LCI Steering Committee are encouraged to join the election. The former Steering Committee members are also eligible for re-election.

Following the LCI Annual Meeting, Dr Wu Tsung-tsong, Minister of Science and Technology (MOST) is invited to give a keynote speech "Accelerating scientific innovation in the post-Covid era," details as below.


2030:Accelerating the Transition to a SMART TAIWAN in the post COVID-19


 Dr. Wu Tsung-tsong, Minister of Science and Technology (MOST)
科技部長 吳政忠博士

While Taiwan’s economy suffered some minor impact from the coronavirus pandemic in the first half of the year, the robust performance of companies in the ICT sector have helped to offset the damage and keep the economy buoyant. Taiwan’s export orders posted another record high in September 2020 and industrial production growth has been positive for eight consecutive months. Meanwhile, foreign and returning Taiwanese investments continue to pour into Taiwan given the government’s excellent handling of the pandemic and attractive incentives. Many of these investments are in advanced technology facilities including green energy, 5G, AI, smart health, and biotech.

Several of Taiwan’s global corporations have not only increased these investments, but also committed to net zero carbon emissions and are especially investing heavily in renewable energy to reach the goals. This will give added impetus to the development of the renewable energy sector in Taiwan.

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) is responsible for the promotion of national science and technology development, provides support for academic research and developing Taiwan’s science parks.

At this event, our guest speaker will give an update of the MOST’s six new areas of focus, future policy direction and how foreign investors can benefit from Taiwan’s unique science and technology ecosystem. Meanwhile, he will outline his vision for the island’s tech sector, developing Taiwan into a “sustainable human-centric smart nation.”

This event is open to all ECCT members (ECCT members please register the lunch HERE) and will be held after the ECCT LCI’s 2020 Annual Meeting.


About the speaker

Dr Wu Tsung-tsong is the Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Deputy Convenor of the Executive Yuan’s Board of Science and Technology. Among his previous positions he worked as a Distinguished Professor in the Institute of Applied Mechanics at National Taiwan University, Deputy Minister of the National Science Council, Chairman of the board of directors at ITRI and Minister Without Portfolio. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Civil Engineering at National Taiwan University and a PhD from the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics at Cornell University in the USA.

This event will first open registration to the ECCT LCI members. To register, please contact Ms. Zene Fan at 02-2740-0236*229; email:

Cost: NT$1,400 per member; NT$2,000 for members’ guests

To Cancel without penalty, written cancellations must be received 1 days prior to the event.

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