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LCI New Member: Green Flash Co., Ltd. 綠澄股份有限公司

Energy Transition through Enterprise

Green Flash is a Taiwanese energy transition company, specializing in green fuels. We
believe that meaningful change for the planet must be driven by solutions that make business sense as well. Switching to green energy should not be a punishment, but an opportunity for growth. We make that happen.

Our main focus is on introducing HVO in Taiwan. This next-gen renewable diesel can
instantly reduce the carbon footprint of any diesel engine by up to 94%. It offers better performance, lower emissions, less soot, and no sulfur. HVO is 100% compatible with regular diesel fuel and works in all diesel engines - without any modification. Our partnership with an international marketing and branding agency allows us to offer customized marketing and publicity materials to our HVO customers as well. This helps them spread the news of their good deeds news across the world and generate the positive attention and brand equity they deserve.


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