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LCI New Member: Ciel et Terre Taiwan Co., Ltd. 夏爾特拉太陽能科技股份有限公司

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Ciel &Terre was established in Lille, France in 2006, initially specialising in the integration of rooftop and ground-mounted PV systems. In 2011, Ciel & Terre® has then followed the path of innovation to develop the patented technology “HYDRELIO®”, an optimized floating system for solar plants to be installed on water. Combining solar energy with water, C&T becomes the leader of floating solar, expanding a new page for green energy.
Hydrelio® technology is the perfect solution for many types of water bodies, including dams, quarry lakes, irrigation, or water-treatment ponds. Ciel & Terre® has been distributing its solution and developing floating PV plants for commercial, industrial, and local government institutions since 2011. As the floating solar pioneer and expert, we provide our solution all over the world through strategic partnerships. Okegawa, Japan was the first overseas location in 2013, building the first MW-level floating solar power station. What’s more, we also completed 70MW floating solar power station in China in 2019. C&T continues to establish subsidiaries in Asia, including Taiwan, China, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, India and ASEAN, and the as well as other subsidiaries located in UK, USA and Brazil. A total of 9 overseas subsidiaries and 15 overseas distributors have been added, spreading all over five continents.
According to the statistics as of the end of December 2020, there are 210 power plants have been completed worldwide, equivalent to over 490+ MWp, and 315+MW are on going. C&T as an expert in floating solar system, we continue to develop new products and technologies to implement strict standards that meet our customer needs and the balance with nature. We will continue to create more optimized green energy solutions in the future.
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