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[New Dates: 12-13 Oct.] ECCT-GWEC 2020 Global Offshore Wind Summit – Taiwan 全球離岸風電產業高峰會-台灣 2020

Global Offshore Wind Summit - Taiwan 2020 | 12-13 October 2020
全球離岸風電產業高峰會-台灣 2020 | 2020年10月12日至13日

Venue: Hua Nan Financial Holdings headquarter (No. 123, Songren Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan)

地點:華南金控總部 (台北市信義區松仁路123號)

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ECCT's LCI and GWEC to hold second annual Global Offshore Wind Summit – Taiwan in Oct. 2020

  • The second annual Global Offshore Wind Summit – Taiwan (GOWST) will be held on the 12-13 Oct. 2020 in Taipei.
  • With a current target in place for 5.7GW of offshore wind capacity by 2025, Taiwan’s President Tsai on 12 Nov. announced that Taiwan plans to add an additional 10GW of capacity between 2026 and 2035, thereby doubling their current target.
  • GWEC Market Intelligence forecasts that Taiwan is set to become the second largest offshore wind market in Asia, with over 15GW of offshore wind capacity expected to be added over the next ten years.
  • Taiwan serves to benefit greatly from a booming offshore market to stimulate the local economy, creating green jobs, investment in local infrastructure, and becoming an export hub for the growing offshore industry.

Taipei, 15 November 2019 – Following the success of 2019 event, the second annual Global Offshore Wind Summit – Taiwan will take place on 12-13 Oct. 2020 at Hua Nan Financial Holdings Conf. Centre in Taipei. Organised by the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan – Low Carbon Initiative (ECCT-LCI) and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), this official industry event will be co-organised by the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) and  Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC) and endorsed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).

“As Taiwan’s first large-scale offshore wind farm starts operations in 2019, we are about to see the real benefits of offshore wind energy in terms of renewable energy generation and the resulting reduction in carbon emissions and pollution. It marks a significant step in Taiwan’s energy transition away from fossil fuels towards clean energy and proof of concept of Taiwan’s great potential to develop into one of the world's largest offshore wind markets. Following the outstanding success of the 2019 summit, the 2020 summit will serve to highlight the remaining regulatory, financial and logistical hurdles that need to be overcome to speed up the roll-out of wind energy infrastructure and secure Taiwan's reputation as a global renewable energy leader,” says Freddie Höglund, CEO of the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan.

“Despite concerns earlier this year regarding proposed changes to the Feed in Tariff (FiT) for offshore wind, government support for this burgeoning industry is stronger than ever following last week’s announcement by President Tsai Ing-wen to add an additional 10GW of capacity between 2026 and 2035. The global wind industry has its sights set on Taiwan to be the next big offshore wind market, and this event is the ideal platform to bring developers, OEMs, investors, port authorities, supply chain stakeholders and policymakers together to discuss how we can achieve this 10GW goal while creating local economic opportunities”, says Ben Backwell, CEO of GWEC.

This three-day event will address the current challenges and opportunities for Taiwan’s offshore wind market while exploring how Taiwan’s experience of building an offshore wind market can be used in the global context. The programme includes a visit to the Formosa Offshore Wind Farm and TIPC Ports Facilities, a first-class conference programme featuring a CEO Forum, Mayor’s Session and High-Level Finance Forum as well as technical sessions to highlight the latest technology development in the industry.

ECCT LCI-GWEC 第二屆 【全球離岸產業高峰會-台灣】將於2020年10月12-13日於台北盛大舉辦!

• 2025年達到5.7GW裝置容量的目標基礎上,總統蔡英文於2019年11月12日更進一步宣布於2026至2035年間達到「離岸風電十年10GW(10億瓦)」目標
• 全球風能理事會(GWEC)預估未來十年內,全球離岸風電市場規模將以每年增加15GW的速度提升台灣將成為亞洲第二大的離岸風電市場
• 透過發展離岸風電市場,台灣不僅能發展地方經濟、創造綠色就業機會、挹注當地基礎設施的投資,更能進一步成為離岸風電產業的主要出口樞紐。

鑑於2019年高峰會的圓滿成功,第二屆【全球離岸風電產業高峰會-台灣】將於2020年10月12-13日於台北-華南銀行國際會議中心盛大舉行,本活動由歐洲商會-低碳倡議行動 (ECCT LCI)全球風能理事會 (GWEC)共同主辦,臺灣港務公司 (TIPC)及金屬工業研究發展中心 (MIRDC)協辦,並由中華民國經濟部 (MOEA)擔任指導單位。

歐洲在臺商務協會執行長 何飛逸表示:「隨著台灣第一座大型離岸風場於2019年開始運營,離岸風電所帶來的真正益處,如減少碳排放、降低環境污染等優勢都將逐漸發酵。同時也象徵著台灣的能源轉型邁出了重要的一大步,證明台灣具備潛力發展成為全球最大的離岸風電市場之一。鑑於2019年高峰會的圓滿成功,2020年將進一步針對現行法規、融資面、運維面等不同層面進行探討,以加速並確保台灣作為全球再生能源領導者的一席之地。」

全球風能理事會執行長 班.柏克威爾亦指出: 「儘管前段時間對台灣離岸風電躉購費率的政策變化感到擔憂,隨著總統蔡英文日前宣布於2026至2035年間達到「離岸風電十年10GW(10億瓦)」目標,可看出台灣政府對離岸風電新興產業的支持比以往更加強勁。現今全球風能產業將聚焦台灣,期許台灣能成為下一座大型離岸風電市場。本次高峰會將成為相關開發商、OEM廠商、港口主管機關、供應鏈廠商等共同討論並實現目標的最佳平台。」

三天的會議議程將探討現今台灣離岸風電市場的機會與面臨的挑戰,同時將台灣的經驗分享並運用在全球市場。議程包含: 海洋風電 (Formosa I)及台中港務公司港口設施參訪、CEO論壇、市長論壇、高階金融論壇,以及技術性分組論壇。


Summit Programme

  • Day 1 (12 Oct.)
    8:30 – 18:00 |  Global Offshore Wind Summit Taiwan Conference 大會議程
  • Asia in Focus: Emerging Asian Offshore Markets / 聚焦亞洲:新興的亞洲離岸風電市場
  • CEO Forum: Developing Asian’s Offshore Wind Industry / CEO 論壇:發展亞洲離岸風電產業
  • Building Taiwan’s Offshore Wind Industry: Local Content / 建構台灣離岸風電產業:在地化生產
  • Technical Sessions: 技術性論壇
    1.  Offshore Wind Turbine Technology (Anti-Typhoon and Earthquake Design) and the Optimization of the Electricity Output 離岸風電的風機技術(抗颱風及地震設計)及電力供應優化
    2.  Underwater Structure and Construction 水下基礎結構及建設
    3.  Offshore Vessels and the Entrants of the Players in the Oil and Gas Industry 離岸船舶及油電燃氣產業如何參與離岸風電
    4.  Infrastructure and Manpower in Taiwan 台灣離岸風電基礎建設及人力
    5.  Standardization, Certification and Training Needs in Offshore Wind 離岸風電相關標準化、認證及培訓的需求
    6.  Offshore Wind Assessment, Siting and Marine Water Condition Survey 離岸風電評估,地點及海洋環境狀況調查
    7.  Grid Integration and Grid-Related Technologies including Digitalisation 電網整合及電網相關科技 (含數位化)
    8.  Emerging Offshore Markets and Floating Foundations 新興離岸市場及浮動風力基建
  • Day 2 (13 Oct.)
    8:30 – 12:30 |  Global Offshore Wind Summit Taiwan Conference 大會議程
  • Mayor Session: Building Offshore Wind Industry Ecosystem at City level 市長論壇:在地方城市層級建構離岸風電產業的生態系統
  • Building a Sustainable and Cost-Effective Port Facilities and Knowledge Sharing Between Taiwan and European Counterparts on Ports Planning and Managements 專題演講:全球離岸風電產業發展及其對本地經濟發展的效益
  • High-Level Finance Forum 高階金融論壇


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