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Mercedes-Benz Star Dreams Program: Inspiring the Future
2016 is a fruitful year for Mercedes-Benz Taiwan. The company has received two significant awards, 2016 CommonWealth CSR Award and Golden Service Award, demonstrating Mercedes-Benz’s long term commitment in Taiwan has been well recognized. 2016 marks the second year in the row for Mercedes-Benz Taiwan to receive the CommonWealth Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award. With an outstanding score of 9.38 in the environmental protection aspect as a result of its long-term commitment to a more sustainable environment, the German automaker received the highest score in the foreign enterprise category which once again recognized for its role as the pioneer and leader in the automotive industry with regards to CSR, as well as its persistent and long-term hard work in cultivating the country’s social and environmental well-being.

On the other hand, topping four out of seven winning factors in CommonWealth Magazine’s Golden Service Award in customer satisfaction, service environment, service attitude, and service originality indicated that the leading auto brand is not only dedicated to the environment around it, but also the people it serves. For Mercedes-Benz Taiwan, CSR has always been an integral part of the way it does business. It has been a longstanding way for the automobile maker to give back to the local community. CSR speaks volumes to who the company is, what it believes in and how it does business. In particular, the CSR program of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan focuses on five core areas – People Development, Working Environment, Compliance, StarDreams, and StarEvents.

With the Go-Green trend becoming increasing popular for many industries, CSR is a key tool for businesses to improve support from consumers, regulators, financial communities and employees. It comprises a comprehensive picture of a company’s role in society, a key factor in establishing trust and goodwill among these stakeholders.
Over the years, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan has continuously contributed to a number of charity events through its Star Dreams program. As a committed pursuer for environmental sustainability, the company collaborated with the HIMA Foundation in an eco-restoration project to preserve and restore native trees in Taiwan as it strongly believes in protecting the planet for future generations. Specifically, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan has been committed to a 5-year plan, in which more than 10,000 native trees will be planted to reduce more than 10,000 tons of CO2 and generate enough oxygen for 10,000 families of four to use over the span of 50 years, which is equivalent to the reduction in carbon emission of a billion kilometers – an economic value of 58.8 billion NTD. 4,000 native trees are expected to be planted by the end of 2016, which could reduce carbon emission that is equivalent to 12 Da-An parks and to be the protected habitat of approximately 15,000 species, or equivalent to about one tenth of the species in Taiwan. 
Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan has sponsored the Calendar Bazaar project under the Star Dreams program umbrella with the core CSR initiative of “Inspire the Future,” and has since raised millions for underprivileged children from rural neighborhoods and school districts. All proceeds from the sale of calendars consisted of children’s artwork has been donated to the Eden Social Welfare Foundation, an organization which provides social and financial aids to kids whom need lack the appropriate resources to achieve their otherwise intangible dreams. 2016 is the 9th year for Star Dreams to make dreams come true. Through continuous efforts and diligence, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan was able to service close to 800 communities all around the country, with 30,000 children’s dreams made possible through the Star Dreams project.
While CSR is one of the pillars of emphasis for Mercedes-Benz Taiwan, it also takes great pride in its long tradition as a leader and pioneer in providing the best customer experience through not only the top-quality products, but also exceptional services to its customers as well as employees. The Best Customer Experience project integrates innovative technologies, upgrading network’s facilities, and well-trained professionals and parallels with the brand’s promise, “The Best or Nothing.”
By establishing the CSR platform, the premium auto brand strives to develop a complete work environment that fosters responsible thinking and also catalyzes public welfare. As a global luxury brand, promoting social obligations is an important part of maintaining as the leader of an industry so competitive. Inspired by the appreciation for its supportive customers and dealers, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan is committed to continuously changing the lives of others for the better, and challenging itself to devote more efforts in balancing Taiwan’s resources and positively influencing the community in the coming future.

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