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Angie's F&B Group
Headquarter Address: 2F, No.75, Lequn 3rd Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104
Regional: Taipei City/New Taipei City
Telephone: +886-2-8509-8880
Facsimile: +886-2-8509-8908
Business Type: Food & Beverage
Company Nationality: Taiwan
Website: www.angies.com.tw
Company Profile:

Philosophy & Mission
We at Angie's F&B Group are dedicated to building a world-class brand of finest Italian food by procuring a spectacular variety of everyday farm-fresh ingredients and cooking them with genuine chefs' zest for food.
Our chefs pay a daily visit to the local markets to ensure that either the finest or the freshest ingredients go straight into every dish of the day. We even go so far as to make pastas, pizza dough, and gelati in house. It shows that we're committed to offering top-quality food.
About Angie’s
Love of life starts at sitting down and enjoying a good meal. This simple faith leads to the inception and evolution of a great restaurant.
Thriving on the booming business of the bellwether Osteria by Angie, the threesome proceeded to establish an umbrella corporation, Angie's F&B Group, to encompass a school of related enterprises that have been, or to be, set up one after the other based on the highest standards of the restaurant and catering industry.
Today, there are altogether seven fast-growing business entities in the Angie's F&B family: Osteria by Angie, Yellow Lemon, Skills Cooking School, The Table – Private Dining, The Warehouse, Natural Wine Importer and Angie Fitness.
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