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Green Forum on Air: Green Transportation & Electric Vehicles


ECCT Low Carbon Initiative (歐洲商會低碳倡議行動) and Taipei Broadcasting Station (台北廣播電台) collaborate on a six-month radio program "Green Forum on Air," (綠能空中論壇系列專題) starting from July 2013. ECCT LCI members interview with the TBS twice a month, each 30 minutes, promoting the adoption of low carbon solutions and raising public awareness about sustainable development in order to help Taiwan reduce its carbon emissions.

On 29 August 2013, Mr Thomas Fann, CEO of Ford Lio Ho received the interview, talking about green transportation and EV, topics are as below:
*什麼是Global gridlock?汽車往往被詬病為移動的污染源,汽車產業如何面對降低耗能與減少污染的挑戰。
To listen to interview, please go to (click [2013-08-29], time frame: 25'20"-57'10")

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