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In addition to the about 100 committee meetings held each year, the ECCT hosts a number of other events during the year including:

Premium Events
The ECCT's Premium Events feature prominent guests, keynote speakers, community leaders or panelists from government, industry, academia to address members on important or pertinent topics of interest to members.

Special Lunches & Breakfasts
Thanks to our extensive membership, we frequently invite high-profile guests from the business community to give presentations on topics of interest to members.

Europe Day Dinner
In May every year, The ECCT invites the ROC President, senior government officials and business leaders to celebrate the first steps towards the formation of the European Union.

Seminars, Conferences & Workshops
The ECCT regularly organizes special informative events of interest to members. These cover a wide range of topics. Social events - The ECCT hosts a number of social events including the very popular annual ECCT Gala Ball, wine tasting dinners and golf tournaments (including the ECCT-ICRT International Charity Golf Cup).
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