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Covering sectors from banking to transportation, the ECCT's 30 industry and support committees are the backbone of the chamber. Each committee meets regularly to discuss issues affecting their particular industries, to hear guest speakers from the government, academia and business and to hold seminars. Committee members participate in ECCT activities ranging from regular working meetings and special lunches to golf tournaments to the Gala Ball and the annual 'Open Door Mission' to Brussels.

Committees are responsible for writing annual Position Papers that outlines the most pressing business issues facing European firms operating in Taiwan and makes recommendations as to how the government can improve the business environment. Current Position Papers are available here. If you need information about a particular committee, please contact the ECCT's Committee Affairs Officer, Ms Salli Yueh at salli.yueh@ecct.com.tw.

‧ Agro-chemical
‧ Asset Management 
‧ Automotive
‧ Banking
‧ Better Living
‧ Beverage Alcohol
‧ Central Taiwan
‧ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
‧ Cosmetics
‧ Customs & Logistics
‧ Electrical Engineering & Equipment
‧ Energy & Environment
‧ Greater China
‧ Healthcare Enhancement
‧ Human Resources
‧ Insurance
‧ Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
‧ Luxury Goods
‧ Marketing Club
‧ Medical Device
‧ Pharmaceutical
‧ Product Certification
‧ Project & Procurement
‧ Retail & Distribution
‧ Southern Taiwan
‧ Tax
‧ Technology
‧ Telecom, Media & Content
‧ Travel & Tourism

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