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The European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT) is the principal organisation in Taiwan representing companies with European business interests. Through its annual Position Papers, the ECCT ensures that the European agenda remains on the list of priorities of the ROC government. In addition, the ECCT's close working relationship with the European Commission adds strength to Taiwan's voice in Europe. While primarily a business-orientated organisation, the ECCT also maintains an important cultural and social focus for the European community in Taiwan. The objectives of the ECCT are as follows:

  1. To represent the members of the Chamber, advancing proposals concerning the interest of European commerce in and reciprocity with the Republic of China 
  2. To provide a forum to promote exchange among the members of information concerning experience in, opinions on and the opportunities for trade and investment in the Republic of China
  3. To survey and develop European-Taiwanese trading markets, to collect business information, and to provide consulting services to members of the chamber
  4. To promote trade and investment among members of the chamber and to participate in activities organized by other commercial associations of the Republic of China
  5. To participate in welfare and benevolent activities
  6. To perform as required by other applicable laws and regulations

The ECCT provides a number of important and useful services to its members:
Networking & Business Opportunities
Through the ECCT's 30 industry and support committees and business and social activities annually, ECCT members are presented with numerous opportunities to network with peers, to exchange views and experiences and to keep up to date with socio-economic developments in Taiwan and the region.
Government Engagement
The ECCT has a successful track record in promoting the business interests of European Commerce through communicating with all levels of the ROC government on a wide variety of business issues such as tax reform, labour standards laws, improved harbour administration and entry-exit regulations. The ECCT's advocacy initiatives bring issues, which have an impact not only on European interests in Taiwan, but also Taiwan's economy and society, to the attention of the ROC government.
The ECCT frequently provides opportunities for members to meet with government officials, NGOs and the European Commission. Through regular committee activities, meetings with government officials and the formulation of Position Papers, the ECCT works with Taiwan's political and business leaders to ensure that conditions for European businesses in Taiwan continue to improve.
The ECCT also visits the European Commission in Brussels during the annual "Open Door Mission" to ensure that Taiwan receives the attention it deserves in Europe. In addition, through its Trade Agreements committee, the ECCT plays an important role in monitoring the ROC's commitments to its WTO agreements.
Information & Communications
Besides frequent e-mail and telephone contact informing members of regular and special activities, the ECCT electronically distributes a bi-weekly Newsflash and publishes a bi-monthly magazine, Euroview, both available to members free of charge. The Newsflash keeps members updated on ECCT committee activities, social events and schedules as well as pertinent legislative, regulatory and economic issues. Euroview magazine provides in-depth articles on economic and business issues relevant to the European business community in Taiwan. In addition to regular communication with members, the ECCT also keeps the public informed of its activities, positions and policies through frequent contact with a variety of media organizations.

Social & Community Activities 
The ECCT provides a myriad of activities for members to socialise such as wine-tasting dinners, golf tournaments and the annual ECCT Gala Ball. The ECCT is also active in supporting the community in Taiwan, co-hosting events such as the annual ECCT-ICRT Charity Golf Cup, which raises funds for the Community Services Center.

Personal Benefits
The ECCT offers a number of special benefits exclusively to its members. The speedy check-in service at CKS airport for ECCT members allows members to make use of the APEC member immigration lane at immigration. The ECCT also provides regular ECCT member only offers such as seasonal airline fares thanks to the wide range of services offered by our members.

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